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I create websites and mobile applications while traveling around the world
Valerio Scisci

My name is Valerio and I am an IT engineer specialized in web and mobile application development. The thing I'm passionate about the most is traveling. A few years ago I decided that working most of my life locked in the four walls of an office was not going to work for me. I therefore wanted to take advantage of technology and my own knowledge to organize my working life, freeing myself from having to live in one place: I became a digital nomad. At the moment I'm specialized in using Javascript/Typescript frameworks and libraries such as React and Nextjs.

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If you have a project in mind that involves the creation of a website or a mobile application, do not hesitate to contact me! In the same way, if you are a developer and want to chat about remote work, about the choices I have made or about something more specific, I'm always available. Last but definitely not least, if you think you love the world of travel as much as I do, I'd love to have an exchange of ideas!

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Projects created with

  • React
  • React Native
  • Wordpress
  • NextJs
  • Django



    Breaking out of monotony is the best habit YOU can have

    Services I offer

    • Website creation

      I can help you in the process of designing, creating and hosting your website.

    • I create mobile applications

      I can develop your mobile app compatible with Android and Apple devices.

    • Development team support

      If your team is in trouble due to high workload, I am available to carry out some tasks to help you complete on time the development of your project.

    • 1-to-1 talks

      If you are a developer who is perhaps just starting out and you want to have a chat, I am always available :)

    • Code review

      If you have some code you want to improve and review, we can do it together.

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    • I am not interested in a 9-5 job
    • Do not contact me with the intention of spamming
    • I am not the person for you if you are not willing to collaborate 100% remotely